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Nau mai, Haere mai

Wharepuni Marae

Mō tāua

Wharepuni marae is located approximately 10 km north of Hawera. Its principal hapū include Ngāti Tānewai and Ngāti Tūpaea of the iwi Ngāti Ruanui.


The marae connects ancestrally to the waka Aotea and the maunga Taranaki.

Our marae can host up to 100 people over night.

Cater for 120-140 people. We welcome all whanau.

Mount Taranaki_edited.jpg

Welcome to Wharepuni Marae! We are a vibrant community dedicated to preserving and celebrating our rich cultural heritage. Our marae is a place where people come together to connect, learn, and share in the spirit of manaakitanga (hospitality).


Whether you are a visitor or a member of our whānau (family), we invite you to explore our marae and discover the stories, traditions, and values that make us who we are. Join us in our journey of cultural revitalization and experience the warmth and beauty of Wharepuni Marae.

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